You can also create diagrams, edit tables and run the SQL scripts. I với sql server thì tao có phần mềm Microsoft SQL Server. Windows version of Navicat Premium features Report Builder, and is packaged with 2 Navicat Report Viewer licenses.

Unable to import fixed width text file in some cases. Access Violation error occurred when creating models / tables in some cases. Access Violation error occurred after Navicat was idle. ORA-01861 error occurred when importing Excel files. Unable to import the CDATA data in XML files. Number values were exported as text in Excel files.

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Code completion did not work for alias in SQL Editor. Beautify SQL did not format multiple statements properly in SQL Editor. Unknown Internal error occurred when running query with nvarchar(max) fields / parameters. Table menu displayed wrong item in some cases. Unknown Internal error occurred when running old version export profiles in Automation. Unknown Internal error occurred when opening tables in some cases.

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Wrong syntax displayed for PostgreSQL in Function Designer. "_Navicat_Temp_Stored_Proc does not exist" error occurred when saving functions. High memory usage issue in Data Synchronization. "Relation does not exist" error occurred when restoring from PostgreSQL backups. "Use empty string as NULL" option did not work in Import Wizard.

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Unknown Internal error occurred when writing query in some cases. Unknown Internal error occurred when backup in Automation in some cases. Incorrect date format dispalyed when editing SQL Server datetime fields. Hang issue occurred when launching Import Wizard. Unable to connect with SSL in some cases. Error occurred when opening MySQL databases in HTTP connection if enabled "Encode outgoing query with base64" setting.

Unable to import Chinese characters from Excel files.

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Incorrect date and decimal formats in exported Excel files. Filter criteria settings were removed when applying sorting on column.

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Error occurred when duplicating MySQL tables in HTTP connection. Unknown Internal Error occurred when executing old version export profiles in Batch Job.

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Save dialog did not pop up when closing backup profiles after editing. Incorrect SQL Server datetime displayed in Table Viewer. Unknown Internal Error occurred when loading Filter profiles in Table Viewer. Identity Error occurred when duplicating SQL Server tables. File path and file name were not saved in Export profiles.

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Unknown Internal Error occurred when there was multiple statements in Query. Incorrect field names were shown in code completion suggestion list. Unable to attach the report PDF file in notification email. "Unknown Internal Error" occurred when typing statement in SQL Editor. Unable to show field names in data pipeline after editing SQL in Report. Beautify SQL formatted the statement wrongly in some cases. Sorting by modified/create date did not work for details view in main window.

Connection coloring displayed wrong color in some cases. Не хуже и работает без всяких кряков. Unable to show some errors in MySQL Console. Crashed when using Query in some cases.

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"IGNORE_DUP_KEY" was always set to "ON" for SQL Server in Structure Synchronization. Query auto-save feature did not work in some cases.

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Debugger did not work for PostgreSQL 8. Unable to move PostgreSQL function with special parameter to virtual group. Error occurred when getting MySQL query status. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Copyright © 2009-2017 При размещении материалов на других сайтах обязательна ссылка на данный ресурc. Navicat Premium – мощная графическая утилита для управления и работы с базами данных MySQL, PostgreSQL и Oracle, имеющая наглядный интерфейс.

Поддерживает работу со всеми версиями MySQL, PostgreSQL и Oracle, включая поддержку большинства последних PostgreSQL функций.

Имеет хорошо-продуманный графический интерфейс пользователя с легким созданием, организацией и обменом информацией безопасным и простым способом. Позволяет пользователю подключаться к локальным и удаленным серверам MySQL, PostgreSQL и Oracle, предоставляя ряд инструментов таких как администрирование баз данных, функции импорта и экспорта, а также создание резервных копий и пересылки данных. Поддерживает несколько соединений для локальных и удалённых MySQL, PostgreSQL и Oracle серверов.

Удаленный сервер может работать на любой из Linux, Unix, Mac OS X и Windows платформ. Поддержка последних версий MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL 9. Crack is a good application for creating a database.

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It is very helpful to create an amazing and logical database. This application is user friendly interface and enable you to your favorable connection to choose. It is very faster to transfer data into many database system and plain text files.

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Connect to your wanted database and view all the tables, SQL scrips, procedures available on it. Furthermore, is so advance for the developers to work with right tools, also easy for the users for beginners who are new to a database server, do not much about how to application work exactly. There is also a possibility to create, change and design database objects by using the Navicat Premium 12.

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In addition, you can also add database triggers, partition functions, server links and assemblies,Moreover, Navicat Premium Keygen give you all the features to create effective database for big firm. From an existing database you have to create a database model and edit the structure of your database graphically to transfer data from one to another databases with detailed. In Conclusion, Navicat Premium License Key allows you to get or leave connection settings, Check variables and also expressions, Construct SQL scripts, adjust data and print out tables and structures of table.

Crack is very helpful and good for multiple databases. Just Create SQL script then insert triggers and create a relationship between tables. We recommend to use Navicat Premium Crack because it is very valuable for developers and beginners. What’s new in Navicat Premium 12. How to Crack With Keys? While after installation, close all Navicat Premium 12. As a result you can use Navicat Premium Crack Full Version forever.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Navicat Premium Crack is an advanced software to utilize various kinds of databases simultaneously. Reinforced directories are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and SQL Server and so all their structures as methods, events, causes, and views. The application was created mainly made for administrators who wish to improve work efficiency using the condensed environment. The extremely clean user interface allows the user creation of associations and moves data between directories and export these to a data file on the decided on encoding.

Navicat Premium Key is top quality administrator gets usage of many advanced tools for adding switches, the partition function or connected servers.