Following up on 2006's excellent Blood Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia's favorite sons Mastodon stake their claim to prog-metal mastery on this year's Crack the Skye. New album 'Emperor of Sand' available now. Tour dates, news, music and more.

Rasputin needs to get him back into his body before it's too late. But they end up running into the along the way and the Devil tries to steal their souls and bring them downthere are some along the way.

Dailor has also said that "Crack the Skye" is meant as an homage to his sister, Skye Dailor, who committed at age 14. "My sister passed away when I was a teenager and it was awful, and there's no better way to pay tribute to a lost loved one than having an opportunity to be in a group with my friends and we make art together. Her name was Skye, so Crack the Skye means a lot of different things. For me personally, it means the moment of being told you lost someone dear to you, [that moment] is enough to crack the sky.

"that song was a really, really heavy song to do. That song was about Brann’s sister and how she passed away, and it was a story that I was very familiar with from knowing Brann. When he decided to do that, he called me up to talk to me about it and said “this is what I wanna do” and “I really, really want you to sing the song” and I said, you know “sure, I will”. I took it really seriously and I emailed with Brann’s Dad a couple of times and just talked to him about Skye, and then he sent me a photograph of her actually, and I sat there and looked at that photograph of her and just kinda meditated on her and on all of the situation, and the family and then actually set all that shit up in the studio and recorded the song with her picture there, and I just really tried to do it as real as I felt I could.

Paul Romano, who had done all of Mastodon's to that point, created the art for Crack the Skye. The piece features various ethereal images tied in closely with the overall concept of the record. Crack the Skye was released in two editions: the Standard and the Limited Edition. The latter has an elaborate packaging with a that, when looked through, reveals three-dimensional like imagery. A "hidden" picture of Brann Dailor's sister, Skye, can be seen on both sides of the tunnel book as well.

Crack the Skye has been released as standard CD version and CD/DVD version, which included a bonus DVD with a documentary and a track commentary. Furthermore, standard single-disc LP and limited-edition 2xLP were released. A "super-deluxe" CD/DVD version that includes a tunnel book and a lithograph of the album art sold out during pre-orders, and a "Royal Edition" with a CD of the instrumental versions of the songs and an entirely new black-and-gold artwork was released the December 15, 2009.

The initial critical response from to Crack the Skye was very positive. At, which assigns a rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has received a score of 82, based on 29 reviews, indicating "Universal Acclaim.

"Crack The Skye" lyrics

Amongst the positive reviews received from critics was 's Nick Cracknell who awarded the album a 5/5 rating, describing it as "even more ambitious in scope and sound than 2006’s. Embracing elements of prog and country, but above all classic rock, Hinds and Kelliher literally add new dimensions to the band’s ever-expanding sound. ", who named Blood Mountain as their number 1 album of 2006, gave Crack the Skye a 7/10 rating as reviewer Joe Gross responded that " Crack is clearly designed as a grower, not a shower, the sound of a band that grew tired of people not responding to their ground game, so they put the ball in the air.

Who knows when it will come down? " 's review was particularly glowing in its praise for the album, saying "no metal release of 2009 is likely to be as important as ‘Crack The Skye. " The review praised the album's expansive sound and emotion, and finished by claiming that the album is "surely destined to become the stuff of legend. " Reviewer Nate Chinen of the noted the album's "ambitious vision and vivid execution. " The New Yorker pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones lists it as one of his favorite albums of the year on his personal blog and in an article for The New Yorker called the Crack the Skye a "deeply entertaining album.

Crack the Skye was named amongst the most well received albums of 2009 by numerous music publications. Placed it a #3 of its 'Top Albums of 2009', while place it at #4 in its 'Top Albums of 2009'. Placed "Crack the Skye" at #3 on its "Top 10 Albums of 2009" list, and named it their Album of the Year for 2009. In addition, listed it as the 17th best album of the year. Called it the 7th best album of 2009. The album was also voted the #1 Album of 2009 by 's critics and contributors. In 2014, put Crack the Skye at #57 on their "Top 100 Greatest Prog Albums Of All Time" list commenting: "Mastodon’s 2009 album has the blood and thunder from previous releases, but takes everything to a new musical level.

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A restive and sophisticated piece of work from the prog heavyweights". All tracks written by Mastodon, except "Crack the Skye" (additional lyrics by Scott Kelly).

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Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the, a non-profit organization. Mastodon lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. "Crack The Skye" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Crack the Skye — четвёртый студийный альбом команды, вышел на лейбле. Слова и музыка всех песен. Crack the Skye (feat. The New York Times (March 23, 2009).

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Первое, что ужасно – это испорченная наклейкой на коробке обложка – какому больному мозгу так интересно клеить рекламу прямо на диски, чтобы она еще и не отрывалась, совершенно не ясно. Следующий пункт, смущавший меня, если не сказать, пугавший, это заявление вокалиста, который, перенеся черепно-мозговую травму после нападения на себя, добавил к этому поражению средства изменяющие сознание и за один присест написал новый альбом, от которого сам же и протащился, вынеся в интервью мнение, как о шедевре. Что мог написать там растревоженный мозг?

Но этого альбома, я как минимум ждал. На этот раз под странным термином groove metal собрались легкие жанры от тяжелой музыки, вытеснив, по большей мере, бывших, хотя бы в отдельных местах хардкор и треш (подразумевающий построение groove). Новый альбом это смесь сладжа, стоунера, гранжа и атмосферного прогрессив рока, во всех возможных аспектах от по-прежнему грязноватых, объемных гитар наползающих друг на друга пузатыми чудовищами из мифов с духом 60-70-х годов (недаром они любят и) с тягучестью, уже напоминающей уже не пост-хардкоровые игры, а размеренный жим блюз-роковых гитар.

Все это подкрашено в повторяющиеся клубки мелодий, которые теперь не меняются на ходу, а просто закручиваются улитками до полной смысловой самоаннигиляции, полновесные мудреные соляки и зачастую ретро клавиши, вроде хаммонда. В общем, и строение композиции уехало куда-то встарь с импровизационными вставками, иногда содержащими больше чувства, чем смысла. При всем этом, мелодии приходится искать по углам, где, конечно же, они лежат себе и процветают, но после пиршества прошлых альбомов, это слушается бедновато, а соответственно, и значительно скучнее. Сложно сочиненные вещи, вроде "Quintessence" слушаются очень приятно и задорно, но тянут лямку одной темы все свое время проигрывания.

Отличные ретро-очертания принимают эпики альбома четырех частный "Tzar" и "The Last Baron", перевалившие за десяток минут и вырисовывающие своим подходом помесь Led Zeppelin и Uriah Heep. В то же время коммерчески легкий "Oblivion", пустая "Divinations" и элементарно что-то напоминающая по принципу списания мелодий "Ghost Of Karelia" на ходу снижают интерес к диску. Круговерти, которой наслаждался и боялся мой разум на "Remission" очень мало – понаставлено, понагорожено всего, плотненько, но толку от этого нет – все теряется за покрывалом собственного изобилия.

Очень четко это показывает одна из немногих песен, напоминающая, что Mastodon экстремальная группа – "Crack The Skye".


Сами музыканты утверждают, что создали что-то новое, открыли новое течение (впрочем, давая сноску на мысль обо всем своем творчестве, но, после характерно озаглавленного альбома), поднявшись к небу, расколов его и открыв там дыру, через которую льется изобилие, но с каждым новым диском их ретроспективная мысль ведет ни к чему иному, как обычному прогрессивному металу (ну или року, смотря на то, хватит ли духа), что в целом может и не дурно, но после отличных маститых мутантов начала карьеры явно сбивает спесь со слушателя, как и желание знакомиться.

Пока все нормально, но уже не так интересно. Альбом «Crack The Skye» был добавлен в 18:48 пользователем в рубрику. Сообщения о новых релизах на сайте. DJ M R BBoy Style Для загрузки воспользуйтесь ссылкой - http //muz-vk. No One Does It Better Than Me 03. Right Down to the Bone 04. Загрузить "Mastodon_crack_the_skye. Mp3 - скачать музыку на компьютер, или послушать онлайн, mp3 музыка бесплатна на mp3zv. Mastodon crack the skye музыка в MP3 - скачать бесплатно, слушать музыку mastodon crack the skye - 2 песен/песни онлайн на Zvooq.

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Crack The Skye, their fourth original studio album, mines subject matter from czarist Russia and astral travel to out-of-body experiences and Stephen Hawking's theories on wormholes for an unrepentantly heavy aural assault that will shake the heavens. I don't know on what set was played by other reviewers but on my technics 1210 and at440 it has full spectrum of sound, great highs of all cymbals, tabourine in Oblivion is like in my room.

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There were 2500 of these made. Why the heck are people spending a ridiculous amount of money for the 45rpm version when there are that many in the wild? Any thoughts on how these single disc represses sound? I'm worried about the sound quality since this album is a solid 50 minutes. Lot to squeeze on one disc. These vinyls were not just sold through the website. I remember a friend and I each bought a copy of CTS at their Edmonton, AB show with Dethklok, Converge and High on Fire (Oct 7, 2009).

When we opened them the next day, they were both Red/Gold swirl. I bought the red/gold swirl LP when it first came out on the website as an "exclusive 650 copies website only", so I was surprised. There couldn't have been any more than 10 vinyls for sale at the show, the stack was pretty small. I also remember the next day, their website saying they had "limited" quantities on the current tour. There may be more than 650 copies, unless they saved some for the tour. Everywhere I check, no one mentions these tour copies; only they were sold exclusively through the website, which is not entirely true.